Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “By Allah, I am not afraid that you will be poor, but I fear that worldly wealth will be bestowed upon you as it was bestowed upon those who lived before you. So you will compete amongst yourselves for it, as they competed for it, and it will destroy you as it did them." [Bukhari]

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seeking Refuge

            Moon was full that night, the night which i found myself in a pothole, hiding my face from humiliation. I was alone, the darkness of the night crept around me with only sounds of the dangerous forest. They were ought to get me, for punishment against my curiosity of the knowledge hidden in this world. The people of  my own village cursed me by words that cannot escaped my actions which they called sins. Hunted like animals, i was chased to the forest where i selflessly hid between the trees. I needed to get out of this misery, this chaos which i regretted for being myself, dare not to look at my own face. Where should i run? How could i tore up this disgusting mask? "You are not alone, for He will help you find your true image, if you really seek His help...." , the voice was coming from everywhere, but that's impossible, was i losing my mind? 

              I couldn't sleep that night until dusk brought the light of the sun through the forest, chasing away the darkness like a horse being whip away. My body was too weak, i couldn't even stretch my legs. "I think i hear someone, it could be him. Come, bring out the dogs", Oh! no, they found me, i thought i was able to get a day ahead, i'm lost, without any directions nor the energy to run, i'm hopeless. "He will help you if you accept the truth of His guidance", that voice again, could i trust Him? I've no choice, lead me the way. I started to run, to a path where i didn't know the end, ran where my  two feet took me. Suddenly, a river was nearby, which was shocking as i didn't even stumble nor hear any sound of the water when i was searching for an escape. Is this a trick, an illusion?

             "I think we're close, i can see footprints up ahead. We got him now, murderer", right at that time i realized that i'm cornered, which way should choose, a river which would bring me to another dead end, or face my punishment without even understanding the meaning of my 'sins'. Okay, here i go, splassshhh!!! Fortunately, this small log could be handy, i should just hold on to it until i could find a safe place to escape. "Hey, you guys, did you check the river? He may make a break for it", "Are you sure? I don't see anything, just some branches & logs, or your eyes are plying tricks with you. We almost had him, for the past 2 months, still, he managed to outrun us. Let's regroup, we need to stay alive if we want to catch this 'monster'", with my fast improvising, i engineered a disguise by being underwater while clinging to this log. I knew it would come in handy. 

                As the current pulled me away further downstream, i knew i would succeed in running away, but when could i get off? Still, with the need of food & water, my body couldn't stand a whole full day, i needed to get ashore. ssshhhh...SSSHHHH.... Why would the sound of the river getting louder? Wait! I didn't expect this, i had to swim fast, but my legs couldn't move an inch, NOOOOOO! How could i didn't see this big waterfall right in front of me? Well, this fall will surely end my escape, with this, i thanked Him. That was the moment i knew that death was just around the corner, well, around the waterfall if you put in perspective. My vision was getting blurry due to my sharp fall. Goodbye, & thank you. SPLASSSHHH!!! 

               Eh! The fall brought me in a dream, where i was confused with death & rebirth, I saw my every memories fading away into a black hole, which left me alone in the darkness. Then, a light shone through me & a voice was spoken with a deep tone, "Pray to Him, find the truth that you seek, & redemption you must take", how can i seek this man you're saying? Who are you? I couldn't let out those questions in my head, nor i could stop hearing the voice. As i was seeking a way out in the abyss, "I think he's breathing, thank you Allah we managed to save him in time", I was saved, by a man wearing a distinguishable robe. But who's sitting next to him? A girl? "Really? Then, let's take him to the healers' inn. He should rest there". I couldn't move at all, as they took me with them to their city they called 'home'. Was that fate or coincidence......     


  1. Assalamualaikum shafi,im sorry if i disturb,,beautiful, meaningful story....
    you may not know me ='//from the bottom of deep heart, im seeking for forgiveness for what ive done.
    i felt ashamed with myself,its my shame ='// i wish forgiveness.='//im only His weak servant from soils ='//strong spirit read my head,youre nice and kind adam,deep apology to you from me.='//deep regret of my mistakes ='// You soothe people's heart everyday,your kindness, you remind about hadith from Rasul and love to Allah,you're nicest friend,rivers of blesses and happiness i pray for you sorry if i disturb='[,,wassalam.

  2. assalamualaikum, never blame yourself,:'[ what did you do, you dont do anything,,please,youve no mistakes, don't blame yourself because of others fault,its my fault..i wish forgiveness, i want to atone my mistakes i did ='// forgive me,im sorry what i did.i aplogise.:'[

  3. slm shafi,
    juz wondering where did u get the idea to write this awesome stories?