Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “By Allah, I am not afraid that you will be poor, but I fear that worldly wealth will be bestowed upon you as it was bestowed upon those who lived before you. So you will compete amongst yourselves for it, as they competed for it, and it will destroy you as it did them." [Bukhari]

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love Story Part Finale Part 2 (A Regret)

Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “None of you is truly a believer until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” [Muslim]

                           "Thanks Kamal. See you for the next medical check-up. Salam", the woman moved to the lift to go to her car. She turned again, "Sure, just remember to make an appointment with that doctor next time, i can't be there every time, you know my department is the another side of the building. I can accompany you occasionally. Sorry, so be careful, next time bring your parents with you. You know your condition, Amirah", she laughed as if it was a joke, "It's okay, i'm standing aren't i? See you later", "Salam, my dear". She went home realizing it is still early in the morning, so she went to her workplace for work, "Salam people of 'Inner Beauty', i'm home!". "Salam, Amirah, i thought you were at the hospital for your monthly check up? What are you doing.....", she hugged her friend & smiled, "It's okay, the doc said i'm find, the lump is just a small one, thanks Allah they found it early last year, all i have to do is just see them monthly & take some medication. But the doc asked for me to relax a bit & take a vacation, so can i? Tomorrow?"

                        Her friend, Putri Riza, who was also the owner of the boutique shook her head with Amirah strong-will. "If you want to take a week vacation, i would give, but just a week" they both laughed while cleaning & preparing the shop for the customers. "Ring! Ring!....", "Amirah, your phones ringing, i told you to change the ring tone, it's so boring", "Yes, yes, i know. Salam, Kamal, did i left something?". He moved to his window with a very deep gaze to the river next to the hospital, "Did you tell Danial yet? About your condition? Does he know anything? I think you should tell him at least that you're getting the surgery end of this year", "Well, when the time comes, i'll tell him everything, okay? Don't worry about me, i will be fine, i've gone through a lot more than this. Allah's always with me, so, at the time's right, he will too'. "I hope you know what you're doing, i leave everything to you, send my salam to Riza. Salam, take care", a couple of tears just rolled down as she stopped the call. 

                              "Wow alhamdulillah, this morning is so good, thanks to Riza, i got the day off. I hope he's not late this time", as she was staring through the window with a novel on her hand. As Danial came & took the time to talk with the parents, "Salam, Dan, thanks for coming, so, how's the interview?", " They say i've got good points, but they'll contact me next week", As he was trying to figure out his & Amirah's relationship, she was also trying to get the words out of her mouth, "Should i say something? Maybe just about cancer, or rather just about the medical check-ups? The truth is i really want him to be there at the time of surgery. What am i thinking?", "So, that's my answer, i have nothing more for you. Because i know you'll find a better answer, you always one step in front. So, i'll take my leave now. Sorry for the disturbance, Salam". She was shocked, she couldn't have time to react, same went for her parents with that unexpected confession. "It couldn't end this way, i got to try,.... Wait! Let me walked you both out. You came, as a host, let me"

                           As she was trying slide in the news about her disease, she was confused herself about him, 'what is he trying to say?', "I hope you'll not regret with your decision. Well, it's been a long time i've seen your serious face, the last time was when you're working hard for your boxing tournament. That's when i fell in love with you". They stopped walking, time froze at that instant. "I thought i was kinda lost for awhile, dreaming like a normal teenager, finding love like they say. But, you were just too dense, you can't see anything but yourself. That's why i tried to find a new protector that can be there with me always. Now, like you said, i did find Him, and He showed me something that you can't, but he wanted me to have someone that can help me along the way. At that time, i thought it was Kamal, but it just doesn't add up, especially when he already got a partner to lead her to the everlasting destiny". 

                          "I'm sorry, but i really can't be that guy to lead you, i'm not that strong....", "But.... What's he apologizing for? He's not that weak, i'm praying for you, i want you to be there with me there too, Allah, what do i need to do? He's running away, should i tell him or not?". "Well, if that's what you think, then i can't force you to change yourself, right? It's okay, i believe with what you say, i'll find someone that can be the knight, be Allah's soldier which will protect me. That's that, i hope you find someone that you can help to lead. Be stronger, take care, insyaAllah. See you later", she smiled & waved. He smiled back, "Salam, Amirah, thanks, good bye", "Salam, Dan, thanks too". As the knight was moving further & further away, the tears came back again without no red lights to stop them. Suddenly, a Volvo sports car, which was at the right time but at the wrong place, curved straight to a collision with Danial. "Watch out! Danial!...."

               "Where is the mistake in this meeting? What did i do wrong?", she opened her eyes where she was lying on the carpet or 'sejadah' as they say, evidently she also had a dream after her solatul istikharah. "Allah, what sign are You giving to me in that dream? Is it selfish of me to let him go without me giving him a burden? Is it really okay?................



  1. salam.
    shafi! i absolutely LOVE this story. can't wait for the update. THE FINALEEEE.
    tq very much. may Allah bless u

  2. Salam, eh? ade org bc, ok, myb slps exam kut, takut nnt parents marah, ha3