Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “By Allah, I am not afraid that you will be poor, but I fear that worldly wealth will be bestowed upon you as it was bestowed upon those who lived before you. So you will compete amongst yourselves for it, as they competed for it, and it will destroy you as it did them." [Bukhari]

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love Story Part Intermission

A man asked the Prophet (pbuh) "When will the Hour be established O Allah's Apostle?" The Prophet (pbuh) asked, "What have you prepared for it?" The man said, "I haven't prepared for it much of prayers or fast or alms, but I love Allah and His Apostle." The Prophet (pbuh) said, "You will be with those whom you love." [Bukhari]

              Salam, some loops in life showed the best of ourselves, some unleashed the darkest side from our heart. That mystery is for ourselves to solve, the world around you is just a factor that help you choose which road is right, & which road is wrong. Even though our steps are walking in the right path, is not certain we're not going to meet another junction. Even though our heart may lead us to the wrong direction, doesn't mean the opportunity to change is impossible. 

                 Some say, "Everyone said i've everything, but why do i feel like i've nothing?" or, "Why can't i go back in time? Why am i here?". These quotes are just some of the questions from people who are stuck in that loops, couldn't see the future, just see the past, couldn't see the peak of the mountain, just see the ground. They are busy thinking to turn back, rather than facing the road head on, they're worrying that the pain would be unbearable. Can this be stop? Can they get help? Are they going to be there until the end?

                  The solution is always there beside us, most of times we can't see it, at that time, the people who're in your circle of life may give you hints. The bigger the circle, the more the people who'll be there to help us in that circle. Sometimes, if you think there aren't people in your circle, you should look again for sometimes you could see the one that never left you since before you were you're born, the one is god, Allah. Sometimes, He will let you see Him, sometimes, He will not. However, if you always remember Him, He will always remember you more. 

                       In life compared to this fictional story, there can be a lot of endings as in life there are many roads, many junctions. For this story, the main character's life, it'll be just 3 roads, 1 question, 3 answers. As they say, life is stranger than fiction, life is temporary, life is a flowing ocean where everyone is on their boats to find their true paradise for their real life. The true ending in this story is actually for the readers to find out in their own life. So, be careful with what choose, be grateful with what you get, try to be better in the future.

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