Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “By Allah, I am not afraid that you will be poor, but I fear that worldly wealth will be bestowed upon you as it was bestowed upon those who lived before you. So you will compete amongst yourselves for it, as they competed for it, and it will destroy you as it did them." [Bukhari]

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love Story Part 11 (Tears of Happiness)

Narated By AbudDarda' : The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: There is nothing heavier than good character put in the scale of a believer on the Day of Resurrection. [Abu Dawud, Bk 36 Num 4781]

               "One more day, i'm coming home, mom & dad", slow whisper of the heart echoed, moving through his whole body. While he was going through the pictures of his parents in the computer which was sent by them just before the big accident, the tears just rolled down, synchronizing with the rain out of his window. He also scrolled down the new communication website which was popularly called  'Facebook' to find a bunch of his friends' pictures & 'comments' about their new trip together to the 'Kinabalu Mountains' in Sabah. "One more day, i'm coming home, you guys", monologging in his apartment. A lot has passed for the pass a couple of years since his departure to Down Under. In his first 4 months, he managed to show his best in what he loves to do to the education board by winning the annual engineering competition held by the university, while at that time in his hometown, he lost his protectors, his heroes, all because of insensible actions of some bikers who they love to be classified as 'Mat Rempit'. "Allah, thanks for the courage & strength....".

                 Sound of the announcement waved out the huge terminal where people were moving back & forth, trying to find their portal to the required destination. "To all passengers for flight MH124 to Kuala Lumpur, your flight will be delayed, thank you", stated by the woman of the control tower, giving bad news to others including Danial as he was so excited just by thinking he could make it for lunch with one of cousins. "It was not the first time this happen, but why now?" thought alone while reviewing again the new flight time. The first delay was on the day he was going to fly to Australia, where his parents & his friends were there to see him departed except her. He knew she wasn't coming, especially when her huge project was a-thread thick from the deadline. That day was the longest goodbye he made, challenging his patience & his strength to let go.

                       "Hello, sir. Welcome to Malaysia Airlines, would you like some drinks, sir?", "No, thanks", sighed with relief as he managed to comfortably sit & ready to say hello to his mother land. "When you come back, call me, we should get together sometime, if you're free...", "Sure, Amirah. I'll let you know". A lot of changes took their places in his life, beside the tragedy were the joyful ones, Shafiq, his best friend got his first baby who is a  boy, the other one was Halim's wedding which was held in hawaii, the day he had his finals for his second year. His cousins who were his disciples during his high school years, one of them worked in a multilevel company in exportation & importation of car engines, the other two got to Ireland & United Kingdom doing medicine & accountancy respectively. "They grew up so fast, even over pass me, i've thought them well", he chuckled by himself after reading the e-mails he got from his cousins, while the other passengers  were quietly dozing off in the 8 hours journey.  

                          He also opened an e-mail from Kamal who just ended his degree in medicine at Russia, going to do his housemanship in Kuala Lumpur Hospital with his wife. "Thanks for the advise, it really helped me changed...", his tears rolled down again, with a happy face that time as the tears accompanied him to sleep. At that time he managed to sleep all the way, skipping lunch which was postponed due to heavy turbulence by the bad weather in the northern part of Australia. "Sir, Sir. Sorry for the delay, what do you want for your lunch?", "Could you give me awhile to think, thanks", the stewardess walked away, leaving him a choice to make to suit his appetite. " Is it time for solat zohor? Where's the window? .....   


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